Birth Plan Basics + FREE Birth Plan Worksheet


Start with the end in mind.

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Writing a birth plan is a great way to communicate your needs and wishes to your care provider and team. Because every birth is unique, detailing your preferences is the best way to be fully informed of all of your options during labor and the immediate postpartum.

To begin, I recommend starting with a notepad and pen. Journal your dreams, wishes and thoughts that come to mind as you consider your upcoming birth.

Start with the end in mind. Think: How do you want to remember the arrival of your baby 2 years from now? 20 years from now? This exercise will aid you in setting your priorities as you ponder your preferences.

Here are some questions to consider: Do you want a medicated or unmedicated birth? Do you want to push on your hands and knees or would you prefer to have your provider coach you as you push? Would your partner like to cut the cord? What are your thoughts on delayed cord clamping? What about your preferences in the event of a surgical cesarean birth? Do you prefer an entourage of family or friends immediately post birth, or would you rather they waited for a bit to visit?

Take as much time as you need to do research on your options, and ask your provider or doula if you need clarification or further information on the pros and cons of your considerations.

Happy birth prepping!