Jaxson & Ashton / Twin Birth

I hardly know how to begin telling the story of this beautiful, awe-filled natural birth of these sweet twin boys. 

I was walking on eggshells during the weeks leading up to their arrival. Before Aunya invited me to be a part of her birth space, I had made plans for a family trip home to Oregon for a memorial party for my Grandmother, which happened to land exactly over her 37-week date. Around 50% of twins are born before 37 weeks, so we held our breath that they would stay in for the 3 days I was out of town. I couldn't stop smiling when, as my plane landed on the San Jose tarmac, a text popped up on my phone from Aunya that the boys had delayed their arrival, but would most certainly be making their grand entrance in the coming week.

Aunya's OB scheduled her for an induction on Wednesday morning. I arrived at the hospital mid-afternoon to find a relaxed Mama waiting for the Doctor to come check her progress. But thanks to some good old fashioned castor oil, she was already on her way, and didn't end up needing an induction after all! Her doctor simply broke her waters and that got the party started. 

I have to mention that throughout labor and delivery, the nurses that came and went all commented on how amazing Aunya's entourage was. Her sweet family and friends were (and are) incredibly supportive and encouraging and seriously some of the best people you'd ever meet. Their banter kept the time passing throughout the afternoon, evening, and into the night.

Early Thursday morning, after a few hours catching some rest thanks to an epidural, Aunya was in transition and ready to push. Her OB quickly moved her to the OR, just in case she needed a c-section, but she beautifully delivered them both vaginally. Jaxson arrived just after 7am, and almost an hour and a half later, Ashton joined his brother earth side. Aunya was incredible! After 16 hours of labor, she was most certainly exhausted, but absolutely delighted to have her boys in her arms.

Aunya, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your birth story. I feel so honored to have been invited into your birth space to celebrate the birthday of your sweet babes.

Amelia Protiva, San Francisco Bay Area Birth Photographer & Doula