Hello there, lovely! I'm absolutely delighted you're here. 

I’m Amelia, photographer, certified doula and creative soul. I'm overwhelmed by the love of Jesus and taken by a good man. I adore fresh flowers, taco trucks, cocktails with friends, and quiet days snuggled in at home. I'm slightly crunchy and am obsessed with simplicity and intentional living. Since 2016, I live in the sunny Bay Area of California.

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Motherhood fills my soul.

After working as a photographer professionally for several years and pursuing art for a decade, I experienced my first birth. I quickly realized that serving mamas as they navigate the beginnings of their relationship with their little one filled my heart to overflowing. I had the opportunity to receive my doula certification and followed my heart into birth work.

I believe birth & the transitions following should be an empowering, beautiful experience–bringing your family closer together. However your little one chooses to make his or her entrance into the world, I believe every moment of your journey is worthy of being celebrated and preserved.

Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created.
— Esther 4:14