Birth Doula Care & Photography


Birth is a transformative, life-altering experience for a woman.

A baby’s birth sets the stage for their entire life–psychologically and emotionally. Birth trauma can trigger lifelong effects. Birth should be free of trauma to allow the best beginning to life. There are several layers to this connection: diet, exercise, emotional nurturing, and personal well being. These all promote a safe and trauma free birth experience. When hormones are in balance, they also provide the key to a safe and healthy birth. Birth is a marathon, not a sprint, so proper preparation will go far to achieve a birth free of complications.

My role as a doula is to support you in that preparation so that you can celebrate the sacredness of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, and to help you develop a nurturing space. As your doula, my agenda is tied to your agenda—the birthing Mama. I am here to help you work through feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy, fears, or feelings of past trauma with empathy and compassion. 

I will work in tandem with your medical and birthing team, and support your partner in order to enable them to understand the birthing process.

Through the journey, my highest priority is you. I will hold space for you and provide continuous physical, emotional, and educational support and nurturing. I will offer you alternatives for coping with the birth process, including massage, positioning, and water therapy. I’ll help meet your physical needs, including hydration and nourishment.

Comfort measures I will offer/assist with during your birth: positioning for optimal fetal descent, pelvic rocking, hip squeezes/counter pressure, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, tension releasing affirmations, relaxing massage, mood setting, and use of a MamaTENS™ unit.